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Employer Question & Answer

Q: What is a managed care organization (MCO)?

A: An MCO is a private company that an employer contracts to medically manage the workers’ compensation claims for injured employees. MCOs are an integral part of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s Health Partnership Program (HPP).

Q: What do MCO services cost?

A: HPP is funded by BWC. Therefore, there is no direct cost to an employer for these valuable, cost-saving services. MCOs are paid directly by the Ohio BWC.

Q: How do I select Minute Men OhioComp as my MCO?

A: If you’re an employer new to Ohio, you have 30 days to select an MCO to provide medical-management service for your workers’ compensation claims. To select Minute Men OhioComp as your MCO, simply click here: Selection Form It’s that simple. We’ll notify BWC of your selection.

If you already have an MCO, you may select a new MCO only during open enrollment, which occurs every two years. The next open enrollment will be held in May 2023.

Q: What should I do if a worker's injury prevents him or her from returning quickly to the job?

A: Minute Men OhioComp will work with you to set up a transitional work program for the injured worker. Implementing a transitional work program, even before the injured worker is 100 percent recovered, is an important cost-containment tool. Transitional work programs use real job duties, within the injured worker’s medical restrictions, during the recovery process and leading up to return to full duty.

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